Red Square

Counselling and Psychotherapy for the City, Business and Finance

How we work

We start with an initial consultation. This allows us to explore what you’re hoping to achieve and whether you feel comfortable. If we go ahead, we work in blocks of, typically, six sessions. Then we agree a break for as long as feels right. That’s your opportunity to put into practice what we’ve been talking about in your own time and your own way.

After the break there’s a review session and we discuss whether you’ve got what you wanted from the therapy. You may decide to stop there, you may decide to do another block or you might decide you want to explore longer term therapy with someone who works in that model. I may be able to help with a referral.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes long. They take place during normal working hours in the City. We don’t have to fix the same time every week to meet, or to meet every week, but once a session has been agreed, I can’t use it for anyone else. And I will have to charge if you can’t make it. I understand that it can be hard to keep control of diaries but it’s important not to book a session unless you’re confident you’re going to be able to make it.

I charge more per session than most counsellors or psychotherapists but the use of short, focussed blocks, with breaks between, means the overall cost tends to be about the same as for more typical, long term weekly sessions over the same period.