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Counselling and Psychotherapy for the City, Business and Finance

About Therapy

Mental well-being, contentment, happiness don’t have much to do with intelligence or education. They’re much more to do with our emotional life and our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. It’s not possible to live without anxiety and ‘stuff happens’ – you can’t dodge every bullet.

At times, everyone becomes unhappy or confused. Problems arise when we get taken over by our feelings, stuck in intrusive, painful or destructive patterns of thoughts or caught up in compulsive behaviours that can damage our relationships or our health. They can include depression, excessive anxiety, problems with alcohol and other addictive or compulsive behaviours. Or there may just be a nagging sense of something not being right, of having lost our way and a longing to find our way back to a time when we felt happier.

Talking to a counsellor or psychotherapist isn’t a sign of weakness. It shows a willingness to step back and think about yourself, to take more control. And, often, to look at aspects of your life or yourself that it might be easier to shy away from. It’s really a sign of mental strength and it tends to lead to greater mental strength and resilience. Better awareness of your own and others’ emotions is likely to improve the quality of your relationships and help you be a better colleague and manager.